Rattlesnake at Nadiana’s door

We have an email chat line in our neighborhood, and news gets around pretty fast. This is what showed up today: a photo of the rattlesnake that tried to get into Nadiana’s house, lying dead on her doormat.

Nadiana’s daughter discovered the snake this morning when she opened the front door and almost stepped on it. Nadiana killed it with a hoe. Shannon lent the hoe and took the photo.

Jacki chimed in that her husband ran over a small rattler with the lawn mower a couple of weeks ago. Never noticed until the next time he walked by, when it was lying there in four pieces. Didn’t last long, though: by the end of the day, the fire ants had eaten every bit.

Other neighbors are complaining that Shannon didn’t save the rattlesnake so they could add it to their chili at our next neighborhood chili cook-off.

As my husband says, “It’s never dull in ye olde Hill Country.”

By S.J. Driscoll

I want it.

It’s art. No, it’s soap. No, it’s art?

My daughter just sent me this photo of her newest soap creation. I’m posting it because I’m flabbergasted. Seems a shame to call this soap! It’s art you can wash with. She told me it’s called “Cruise,” and smells like a sea breeze with coconut and orange.

Too bad, though–I can’t get any of this batch until it cures. That takes three or four weeks. I’ll wait.

By S.J. Driscoll

Epub number four

Ellie’s responsible for her job, her little boys and the old man she helps when she can. Until now, she’d never realized that her responsibilities are what make her strong.

Yesterday, I epubbed my fourth short ebook to Amazon and Smashwords. It’s a short story that originally appeared in Ellery Queen’s® Mystery Magazine under one of my previous names (I’ve had too many of them).

Last night I was hoping to epub another, but I’ll take the time to go over it once more. A few points can be developed to make it more fun to read.

There’s the temptation to submit it somewhere, but at this point I feel that would only hold me back. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that would be moving backwards, marking time, and I can’t do that anymore.

Having these five epubs available was one of my goals, and it’s almost done. Just in time, too, because I’m in Candace Havens’ comprehensive writing course and any minute now we’re going to #fastdraft. Time to clear the decks! I haven’t gotten as much done on my WIP as I’d wanted during this ROW80, but it is up to 30k. Surely I can get rid of it–I mean, finish it–in another two weeks if I don’t freeze up.

I refuse to grow old and die with all these stories trapped in my head! Isn’t that how ghosts are made?

By S.J. Driscoll

One day at a time

My third little ebook, a 3,600-word story called “Sleep,” was edited and then published to Amazon and Smashwords yesterday.

Like my story “Rage,” epubbed on Amazon and Smashwords last week, it’s in a genre I call “mommy noir.”

I find that one extra thing can get done per day. It might not be a very big thing, such as a few minutes spent on social media here and there during a brief break on a workday. More involved projects can get done during the weekend.

Yesterday I also set up my Amazon author page and did some social media. Today there’s this blog post.

This week is already filled, so I don’t know how much extra will get done. There’s an work deadline coming up, and a couple of meetings at the end of the week. On Thursday night a few of us from South Central Texas Authors are meeting in Wimberley, and on Friday night I’ll try to make it north to attend the digital authors subgroup of Austin Romance Writers of America.

Life is busy. Sometimes too busy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not bored!

By S.J. Driscoll